Additional Images

Fetal MRI - Sagittal and coronal T2 WI


Post termination of pregnancy: Fetal Specimen.
Post termination of pregnancy: Fetal radiographs.


Description & Diagnosis

Antenatal USG

Single horse-shoe monoventricle with a thin cortical rim, absent interhemispheric fissure & falx; fused thalami; flat mid-face with frontal proboscis.

Fetal MRI - Sagittal and coronal T2 WI

Alobar Holoprosencephaly with frontal proboscis.

Post termination of pregnancy: Fetal Specimen

Cranio-facial dysmorphism with frontal proboscis.

Post termination of pregnancy: Fetal radiograph




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  • d. Discussion: (Maximum number of words to be limited to 350 words)
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        • Imaging findings to be enlisted on basis of modality i.e. – plain radiograph / contrast studies / USG / CT / MRI and other relevant modality used as an adjunct to diagnosis. Use limited text “simplicity & clarity leads to good design”
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